We invite you to partner with us to transform your dream.

Jacana Motorhomes invites you to participate in the design of your motor home. Whether you are a current motor home owner, experienced traveler, or have a new travel vision, we have found that you know best how you wish to travel. We encourage you to share your ideas with our sales designers and crafts people to create the motor home of your dreams.


A refundable deposit is required to begin the planning and building of your custom luxury motor home. Lead time can vary, due to many factors, so please ask Jacana sales when you can expect your completed motor home delivery.


Once your deposit is received, we will configure your custom chassis (color and options) with you and order your preferred vehicle and we will start working with you to finalize configuration of the rest of your motor home. When the specifications and plan details are finalized, we can then provide you a comprehensive estimate with a firm price.


When you approve the drawings and accept the final price, we ask for the second deposit, which is calculate to suit each individual vehicle size and overall cost, After you pay the second deposit, your deposits become non-refundable. Final payment is due upon completion of your build.

At Jacana Motorhomes, we’re here to build you the  motorhome of your dreams. Our engineering process ensures we stay on the same page to bring it to life. Here’s how it works.

After we listen to you and have a good idea of how you want to travel, we document what we’ve heard from you in two ways. First is a written configuration document, and second is an engineering drawing. We’ll formally go through the details of your ideas in order to take your vision from an idea to a well-planned and engineered design – fully integrated with our systems, technologies, and design.

This allows us to confirm that we understand what you want, so we can share your vision internally and build your motorhome exactly like you expect. By creating a detailed plan for your motorhome, we ensure everyone knows what we’re building, so we can ultimately build what we plan.

The day you take delivery is special for us and we hope, for you too. We spend hours with you explaining how your motorhome works. Most clients then take a short trip or even camp at our facility so we can answer questions the next day. We deliver your motorhome cleaned, tested, and ready to go with an operator manual specific to your motorhome.

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